Behind the lens.

I got into photography when my oldest son Levi was born. I realized that I needed a better camera to take photos of my new son and the iPhone 5 was just not good enough. A few hundred dollars later and I had a Canon rebel T3. It did the trick! I started taking photos of Levi every week and posted them on social media. I was such a proud dad.

As he grew, and my following grew as well, I starting having close friends and family asking for me to take pics of their kids for money. I felt bad taking their money with such a low end camera, but the experience was worth more than the money. From all that experience, I quickly outgrew my little cannon faster than I ever thought I would. Before I knew it, I was purchasing a newer and better camera. I purchased a Sony a77 and took the leap into a whole new system. I used a Sony at work and since then have never turned back. My second son was born and like every second child, I had to do better with his photos than his older brothers.

Full Frame Leap.

Fast forward a few years, and now im shooting weddings. I started my career with my newborn in my bedroom and now I'm tasked with capturing a once in a lifetime moment for a couple on camera and getting paid. I was so nervous. I rented a full frame Sony a7R to try it out and I was in love. I just had to have one for myself. It took me a few weddings of renting to actually be able to pull the trigger and make it my own. Jovi is her name, yes I named her. She has been by my side since 2017 and we have seen the world together. Taking the leap to a full frame body has taken my career and photos to another level. I encourage any photographer looking to take this craft seriously to get a full frame camera.

What lies in the past,

is forever in the present

As I decided to build out this new website, I have realized that my "happen by chance" career that has only been fed by word of mouth, could be more. I love seeing the happiness that my clients have when they see their photos for the first time. To be honest, that is why I do this. I remember what I felt as I looked at the photos of my first son on my camera. I was amazed as he grew right before me and those moments are captured in time. I want that for my clients. I want them to feel the same pride I felt as they look at their family. As they remember what lies in the past will forever be in the present.